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Normalizing Big Feelings with Aubrey Sampson #118

Are you one to deal with the big feelings of life or push them off? Joining me today is pastor, Podcaster, and author Aubrey Sampson. Aubrey is back for the second time and she shares with us – that not only is lament and grief is a necessary part of our spiritual life but also for kids too. Aubrey is passionate about helping hurting Christians find God’s presence in their pain. She and her husband Kevin, and their three hilarious sons, live, minister, and play in the Chicagoland area. You are going to love my conversation as it truly applies to everyone.

We all know when we read moving kids gets into that child heart of you, that needs some healing still. The spirit of God allows us to grieve retroactively and it brings healing. - Aubrey Sampson

Reflection Questions 1. How can you step into that child-like faith this week with fresh eyes, an open heart, a simpleness in your prayer?

2. Spend some time sitting in the How, Yet, and With of lament. I encourage you to even if you don’t think there is a need to and just journal or pray through - we all have questions. Connect with Aubrey Website | Instagram | Facebook

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