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Pushing Past Labels and Finding Identity with Abby Raymond | TPP#13

I think we all will have multiples identity crisis' in our lives whether it is our job, current life status, our faith, etc... But, at some point we have to recognize that those labels are just small parts of who we are. God made us for more, our identity lies in Him and we can confidently rest in that daily.

This summer I briefly met Abby's mom at at Graduation party. Like any amazing mom, she shared the smallest amount of Abby's journey. I made a mental note to keep her in mind if I ever got enough courage to start this podcast. And just like that, a few months later, I am honored to finally sit down with Olympic Weightlifting hopeful, Abby Raymond, and hear her story about her realization of identity and the journey she took to get there. Hope you enjoy our conversation.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What is one label or identity that you are holding onto above being a child of God?

  2. Who can you intentionally reach out to this week and share joy with to help them know they are loved?

Connect with Abby

Abby's Instagram

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