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Questioning Where You Fit with Dee Cook #136

Are you trying to figure your plan out? Joining me is Executive Director of Saskatoon Pregnancy Options & Support Centre and soon-to-be author Dee Cook. For a long time, Dee wondered where she would go to fit into God’s plan. But, God spoke to her heart on the mission field. She discusses the challenges of building community in a new country after recently moving from England and the importance of imaginative stories in her life. Dee also shares a transformational trip to Tanzania that changed her perspective on the world and led her to her current role as the Executive Director of a pregnancy care center. Most importantly, it encourages others to pursue their calling and make a difference in their backyard.


  • Moving to a new country can be challenging but also an opportunity for growth and adventure.

  • Imagination and storytelling play a significant role in shaping our lives and relationships.

  • Discovering and using our voices to make a difference in the world is a journey that requires self-reflection and openness to new experiences.

  • Helping others and stepping into their world requires empathy, understanding, and a willingness to listen and learn.

Reflection Questions

1. Are you questioning where you fit, like Dee said be prayerful about your next steps or maybe you need to realize what is already before you in the people, places, and position you have right now.

2. Who in your life is God calling you to help those around you create life and know they matter? 

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