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Restoration After Divorce with Scott & Sherry Jennings #111

Would you say you live in a posture of curiosity? This is the second of our collaboration episodes with Zoweh a nonprofit mission that encourages men, women, and marriages by creating tools, resources, and community spaces that invite people to experience inner healing and intimate connection with God and with others.

Today we are going to have a conversation with Zoweh Staff members Scott and Sherry Jennings. They will discuss how God redeemed and restored the brokenness of their marriage. Scott (aka SJ) and Sherry Jennings were married September 21,1991. They divorced September 21, 2005, and later remarried each other on May 5, 2007. They often say, "our divorce just didn't work out."

Together they have enjoyed being part of Zoweh, creating environments, resources, and developing relationships for deepening intimacy with God and others. Gathering women, inviting them out of isolation and into friendship, and connecting them with other women thrills Sherry's heart- she longs to see women becoming who they are created to be, experiencing the goodness of God, drawing their life and breath and way from Him. Asking questions and inviting hearts out of the shadows and into the light, Scott is part of the guide team for men's events, guides the production of resources, and cares well for the team. Scott and Sherry long to see husbands and wives walking with God together.

Conversation Topics

  • Shame and Guilt from Divorce

  • God's timing in their relationship

  • Faith building moments

  • The struggles of marriage

  • Learning how to love your spouse

Reflection Questions

1. Whether married or not, it doesn’t take much for us to get a little off track in our relationship with God. In a time with Him, ask him if there is an area in your life, emotion, attitude that is causing you to go off track?

2. Who is it that God wants you to move into a posture of curiosity in this week?

Connect with Scott & Sherry

Zoweh's Website

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