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Staying Intentional with Luke Kuepfer #95

Have you ever thought about what it looks like to stay intentionally small in your life? We are going to dig into that, on this episode of the Parable Podcast, I’m your host Danielle Zapchenk. Right now you are going to meet Luke Kuepfer, Campus Pastor of The Bridge, speaker, and coach share about how Biblical alignment became so important to him

Jesus said, "Greater works your are going to do when I go back to the Father." That is phenomenal to me. He set them up for success. It was about a movement. - Luke Kuepfer

Luke also helps non-profit and business leaders understand how to maximize their God-given potential to lead and serve others. What does leadership look like for each one of us and how did Jesus set himself up as the role model. I hope you remember Your parable showcases how He has provided you with glorious attributes.

Talking Points

  • Smuggling Bibles in the cover of night

  • Biblical Alignment

  • Unreached People Groups

  • Leaving the comfort zone

  • Living a life of adventure

  • What is the Mennonite Faith?

  • What God has done in Luke's life

Reflection Questions 1. What does it look like to stay intentionally small in your life?

2. In what ways have you aligned yourself with the Bible so you are pouring out into the world? And if you can’t think of any, prayerfully consider some spaces for yourself.

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