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Stepping Into What's God Given You with Chauncea #133

Are you wondering, am I using my God-given talents? Joining me today is coach, content creator, and speaker Chauncea. She shares with us that we can relinquish our talents and gifts to the Lord daily. We chat about her passion for travel and coaching creatives. She also discusses her work as a business coach for creatives and the importance of aligning creativity with strategy. Chauncea shares her parable story of multiplying talents and the importance of surrendering to God's plan. She offers practical tips for stepping into surrender and creating a margin in our schedules to hear from God. In this conversation, Chauncea and Danielle discuss the importance of listening to God's direction and passing the baton of knowledge and talents to others. She emphasizes the need to pause and ask God for guidance in our daily activities, allowing Him to direct our steps. We also discuss the importance of sharing our gifts and talents with others, highlighting the joy and fulfillment that come from multiplying and distributing them.


  • Travel can be a transformative experience and a way to learn about different cultures and perspectives.

  • Creatives often need guidance and coaching to turn their ideas into successful ventures.

  • Surrendering to God's plan and being open to His voice can lead to greater fulfillment and purpose.

  • Creating margins in our schedules and taking time for stillness can help us hear from God and align our plans with His. Take time to pause and listen to God's direction in your daily activities.

  • Reach out to people who have been on your heart and make meaningful connections.

  • Surrendering to God is a process that requires intentional steps.

  • Identify your gifts and talents and look for opportunities to share them with others.

Reflection Questions

1. Who in your life comes to mind for you right now who would benefit from your knowledge, life story, or talents?

2. What is one way that God is leading you into surrender with Him?

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