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Struggling Under the Surface with Reece Maopolski #120

Have you ever had a moment where overwhelming anxiety has bubbled up from beneath the surface? Joining me today is vocalist and Guitarist from the Band Brotality, Reece Maopolski, who shares with us about understanding his own mental health. We were fortunate to see Brotality play not once, but twice this summer on tour. And Reid loved every minute of it.

Reece discusses the highlights and challenges of being on tour as a musician, the conviction to pursue music, and the struggle with discouragement. He shares about encountering Jesus and deepening his faith, as well as his battle with anxiety and depression. Plus, the importance of seeking help and finding a community to overcome. In this conversation, Reece shares his journey of finding community, dealing with anxiety attacks, and staying focused on God. He emphasizes the importance of recentering throughout the day and the power of community as a part of spiritual growth. Finally, he reflects on the needs of the next generation and the role of the Church in their lives. Thanks so much to Reece, I loved his heart and honesty in discovering why mental health matters.


  • Finding community and embracing Christian fellowship is essential for spiritual growth.

  • Recentering throughout the day and staying focused on God helps overcome anxiety and maintain a strong faith.

  • Sharing the message of Jesus in secular spaces can be challenging but is an important mission field.

  • The next generation needs to see the separation between imperfect Christians and the perfect love of Jesus.

Reflection Questions

1. What is bubbling under the surface for you?  Maybe it is going for a walk, journaling, or talking to a loved one to break through some of that pent-up emotion.

2. Maybe you are in a season of drift without even knowing it.  Take stock of your relationship with God. Do you need community, a commitment to a spiritual practice, or just a simple conversation to get you back on track?  Pray about what is your next steps.

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