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Sweeping It All Under the Rug with Anna Maria Mattey #116

Would you say you can easily sweep things under the rug in your life? Meet Director and Engagement Strategist of Safe Families, Anna Maria Mattey shares how she had to be okay with God's direction in her life. Anna Maria loves empowering and equipping others to become more of who God made them to be. This deep-seated call comes from the ways God has used others to help transform her own story of brokenness, insecurity, and codependency into one of healing and redemption. She has been a Pastor, teacher, leader, and Groups Director for Willow Creek’s 7 campuses. She yearns to draw people closer to God and one another, in community - the way we see it depicted in the Acts 2 Church; breaking bread, giving to those in need, sharpening one another, inviting others in, baptizing them, etc. The life we are called to here on Earth. I hope you enjoy this conversation with Anna Maria Mattey.

...and be okay asking the question, 'Do I trust God, even if it does not heal my marriage, my husband's addiction, even if it got to the point that he didn't survive... - Anna Maria Mattey

Reflection Questions 1. Is there something that you have been sweeping under the rug that you didn't recognize or didn't want to deal with? Journal about what you feeling.

2. What are you putting before Christ, what are you co-depend on in your life?

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