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Take Heart He is With You with Jen Farlow #70

I believe God uses all things, all emotions, and all situations to further our relationship with Him. Today you will meet Jen Farlow who is learning the secret of finding beauty, hope, and peace in a life that she never wanted or imagined.

Almost overnight Jen became a 26-year-old widow and single mother. She never thought she could live without her husband Nathan, but each new day is a testament to God's faithfulness. She shares her journey of grief and the immense purpose found in her suffering. Jen's courage to hold onto God as she was shaking up the foundation of her faith is beautiful to hear. Please enjoy this conversation with Jen Farlow

I can say with confidence today that God is Good and He has never once failed me. - Jen Farlow

Reflection Question

1. Do you need to take a self-assessment on how you imagine your life is going? How did you think it would go? Do you believe God protects it all in your life?

2. I never knew healing could be this complete. Is complete healing possible for you?

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