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The Binding, Sparing,and Blessings with Whitney Mallory #134

Do you ever feel like the undertow is taking you deeper and deeper into the oceans of life? Joining me is The Central Illinois Baton Pass Leader Whitney Mallory who shares about the binding, the sparing and blessings of the seasons of our life. So thrilled to collaborate with one of my favorite organizations The Baton Pass, who empowers women to overcome. Over the next few months you will get to hear so many beautiful stories and hope you join us at an upcoming event.

In this episode, we explore the story of Isaac and the binding of Isaac as a metaphor for holding onto hope in the midst of trials. Whitney shares her personal experience of loss and how she found blessing and joy in the midst of it. The conversation highlights the importance of embracing both sorrow and joy and trusting in God's faithfulness. Whitney Mallory shares her personal journey of facing challenges, finding purpose in pain, and experiencing God's faithfulness. From dealing with ectopic pregnancy to moving to a new home, Whitney's story is a roller coaster of emotions. Through it all, she discovers the importance of community and the audacious hope that comes from trusting in God's plan.


  • Experiencing loss can lead to unexpected blessings and joy.

  • It is important to embrace both sorrow and joy and trust in God's faithfulness.

  • Community is essential for support and encouragement.

  • Trusting in God's plan can lead to audacious hope.

Reflection Questions 1. Spend some time journaling through what has been a bound, spared and blessed moment for your life?

2. What does Audacious Hope look like for you today?


Audacious Hope - Central Illinois Join dozens of women from across Central IL as we collectively and individually explore this concept of Audacious Hope. We will have a full afternoon of connecting with other women, hearing the remarkable stories from our speakers, and having opportunities to share our hearts with like-minded women to empower and encourage one another. We would love to see you around one of our tables, as this is sure to be such a powerful and special afternoon!

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