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The Impulse to Rescue with Katie Castro #48

It was so great to sit down with Katie Castro. Her mindset for growth, mutuality, and building margin was a conversation that I needed. Katie shared her heart about this next generation and their need for authenticity. She cautions that the Church sometimes has toed the line of entertainment. And by doing that we are losing and driving away young adults who are desperately looking for someone to point them toward Jesus in a genuine way.

Katie's parable also centered around mutuality and how it is so easy for us to rescue those in our life. We need to remember, that Jesus is the ultimate rescuer. The beauty of the relationships in our life is that we get to walk alongside others in this life and benefit from each other. It is also about allowing others to have a seat at the table and involving them in true participation.

Finally, we discussed creating margin. Most of the time our need for margin comes out of feeling like we are about to break. Our energy has been hustling from one thing to the next

If I am not operating out of my gifting, then I am operating out of my hustle. And nobody needs my hustle. - Katie Castro

Katie shares about how she decided she needed more margin in her life and what scaling back looked like for her. I hope you listen to this episode with Katie and come through it with a new perspective.

Reflection Questions

  1. Take a look at your relationships in your life. Have you been trying to rescue someone, when what you actually need is mutuality?

  2. How can you build more margin in this next season of your life for your body and your soul?

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