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The Parable Podcast: #4 Kelly Olson

What to Expect

A few weeks back I attended a Baton Pass event, unaware what I was even going to exactly. However, I heard the passion Kelly had in her voice and the ways God was using this ministry to impact so many people. I was still in the midst of deciding if I had what it took to create a podcast. Thoughts of am I good enough, do I have anything to share. You know what I talking about right? LOL. However, that night pushed me the little bit I needed to reach out and be faithful. Thankful to have Kelly Olson who leads the Baton Pass share her parable about healing and hope. Her story shows God's redemptive work through and through and how having community in our life is meant to lift up and draw them closer to Jesus.

* Kelly briefly shares about a past sexual trauma, if that is triggering for you or there are little ears around you are welcome to skip to the 9:00 minute mark of this episode.

Reflection Questions

  1. What is one wound in your life that you still have not allowed to fully heal and why?

  2. Do you love yourself? (View the Message Danielle shared about Loving yourself)

  3. Who has passed you a baton in your life? Make sure to thank them today.

Connect with Kelly

Listen to the show HERE, and make sure you don't miss The Parable Podcast by following through your favorite podcast app (ie. iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher). Plus, share the show with a friend and continue the conversation.



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