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The Parable Podcast: #5 Lindsey Rice

I met Lindsey when I was serving in Youth Ministry in College. She was a very spunky, fun loving High School Student that loved Jesus. 20 years later we still gather all those folks around a campfire every Labor Day weekend and we laugh, eat s'mores and hear what God has continued to do in their lives. It is by far one of the best places to be for myself and for our family. Lindsay is passionate about sharing Jesus with our world and loving on the refugees that come into Chicagoland. However, as a child Lindsey found herself wrestling with unknown diseases in her body. Listen to her parable as she explains, "We live for a purpose that is so much greater than our own."

Reflection Questions

  1. What instances in your life allow you the opportunity to support and encourage others?

  2. How have you tried to cover up the hard parts of your life with a bow? Is this the time to release that perfect outer facade back to God?

Connect with Lindsey

Listen to the show HERE, and make sure you don't miss The Parable Podcast by following through your favorite podcast app (ie. iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher). Plus, share the show with a friend and continue the conversation.



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