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The Parable Podcast: #8 Catherine McNiel

Mystery may be a great style of writing or a perfect theme for a Netflix series. However, when it is the title of a season of our lives, do we feel the same? For myself it challenging to see why (pick your subject) had to be this way in our life and why God allowed it to occur. I hope I give myself the grace to know He is good, but when I am in the thick of it, will I feel the same way or remember this sentiment? Most likely not. Author, Catherine McNeil shares about experiencing a head trauma in 2019 while on vacation and the journey of healing slowly. Catherine gently shares her insights and how she continued to cultivate ways to see God's presence in the mystery.


Reflection Questions

  1. Take a moment every day this week to jot down how you have seen God's creative redemptive work in your life. That can be as simple as seeing frost covering the ground, the turning colors of fall leaves or a smile shared between friends. This will help you cultivate that

  2. Is there a mystery in your life? If so name it and pray over it and see how God answers you. Know that you may not get a complete answer, but God is still good even in the mystery.

Connect with Catherine

Catherine's Books

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