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The Seen and Unseen with Ruth Lorensson #52

Ruth was a pleasure to talk to about what it looks like in the unseen. We have all been there, felt lonely, yearning for connection, and desiring someone to truly see us. But Ruth challenges us that in the unseen we are even more loved by God and that He is doing miraculous work through us in those seasons.

Ruth shares about her 25-year journey of being in ministry, preaching, strategy, and building a non-profit in England to find herself in the US wondering if she will ever make friends or be seen again. After walking through these unseen seasons she knows it isn't comfortable, yet there is healing

God had to show me the small, which is so huge in His kingdom. He had to show me the value of those hidden, small everyday things we do that make massive waves into the Kingdom of God. - Ruth Lorensson

It is challenging to realize the spiritual significance that the unknown can have on our life, but I hope after hearing my conversation with Ruth, you will be encouraged by her wisdom to see God in the unseen parts of your life too.

Reflection Questions

  1. Are you in a hidden space and what are you learning from this time?

  2. What is the assignment God is calling you to right now?

Connect with Ruth

The Autonomic Healing Podcast Ruth co-hosts the Autonomic Healing Podcast with therapist Tom Pals. Listen in, as they explore the beneficial impact of Autonomic Healing for the mind, body and spirit.

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