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The Way of Gratitude with Hannah Rowen Fry #121

In this episode, Danielle interviews writer and author Hannah Rowen Fry about her journey of moving to Florida, discovering writing, and approaching the scripture with gratitude. Hannah shares the parable of the doctor-prescribed keto diet and how it taught her about the spiritual discipline of fasting. She also discusses her book, 'The Way of Gratitude,' which explores the intersection of gratitude and identity. Hannah's prayer is that readers of her new devotional would realize their value and encounter God in a new way.


  • Approaching scripture with a posture of gratitude and awe, allowing it to inform and lead your life.

  • Start simple when practicing spiritual disciplines like fasting, and have realistic expectations.

  • Gratitude is a skill that can be learned and cultivated, leading to a deeper understanding of one's identity and value.

  • Embrace the simplicity of faith and encounter God in the everyday moments of life.

Reflection Questions 1. This may seem hard at first, but what is one thing you can fast from this week?  Remember it doesn’t always have to be food (people, places, actions, etc...). Be mindful that whatever it is, is meant to draw you nearer to God.

2. Sit for a moment and listen to God, so you can uncover some of the intrinsic value you bring to the world.

Plus, check out Hannah's devotional | The Way of Gratitude

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