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This is 40 with Danielle Zapchenk #78

Well, I made it to 40 and I am feeling it! 2023 is definitely a milestone year in the Zapchenk House and I would love to tell you about it and what I am learning this year in this episode. So thrilled to share what I have been learning in some of my own parable stories and excited to look back on this year and see what God is going to continue to do within my heart. The biggest is remembering the utter dependence I need to have on God daily. What are you learning this year even though it may be hard? Thanks so much for listening and hope you enjoy this episode.

Putting the dependence on what we can do, rather that what He can do. - Danielle Zapchenk

Reflection Questions

  1. What is one small step the Holy Spirit is nudging you toward?

  2. Check out this guided reflection through a portion of the Last Supper...

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