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If I Can't, is God Enough? with Tonya Annis | TTP#44

Being willing doesn't come easy for most of us. I am always willing to go for a cheeseburger or iced caramel latte. But, being willing to accept the direction and circumstances God allows in my life. Umm, not so much. Willingness is scary, submissive and you are going to need patience.

Meet my new friend Tonya Annis who leads the 1825 Ministry at her home church in Jacksonville, FL. I enjoyed her perspective on what this next generation looks like and can we love them well. She gives insight into how we as adults break down the conversation of purpose and provision and find common ground.

When a season of her life caused change, Tonya had to wrestle with the truth about who God says she is, her gifts and if that doesn't play out in her life, "is God still good?" Her journey is one most of us can relate to when change occurs in our world.

Tonya has been in ministry for 17 years and we talk about the positive and challenging parts of being a woman in the church. What does that role look like for her and how has she gone to God for guidance. Please enjoy this parable conversation with, Tonya Annis.

Reflection Questions

  1. What would it take for you to tell God you are willing regardless of whatever circumstances are in your life?

  2. How can you go first with someone this week?

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