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Hudson's Mom: A Wholehearted Story with Amy Sylvestre | TPP #35

When you have a friend or loved one walking through grief it is hard for me to know exactly what to say and how to love them well. Today, Amy Sylvestre joins us to discuss walking and wrestling with our good God in every season of life, through our joys and through deep despair, grief, and disappointment. She encourages vulnerability even when our faith is shaky.

Amy and her husband lost their second son husband just months after he was born. During that time she battled hard emotions with God while reckoning the loss of her child. But, even though there was pain, Amy was given a bigger purpose. Plus, she shares with us a few practical tips on loving those who are grieving. I hope you are encouraged because of Amy's story and hear how she is living wholehearted.

Reflection Questions

  1. What would you say you learned from your grief?

  2. How have you been able to cling to God's word even when your faith is shaken?

Connect with Amy

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