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Uncertainty and Surrender with Christian Cornish #146

Have you ever been called into HR’s office or had that call? Joining me is Co-founder of Legacy Roots Co Christian Cornish, who shares about the uncertainty and surrender in job loss. Christian Cornish shares his journey of growing up in Green Bay, being adopted, and finding his biological siblings. He discusses his faith background and the importance of stories in connecting with others. Christian also talks about the challenges of losing a job and starting a new venture, and how he and his family relied on their faith and spiritual disciplines during this time. He shares the story of moving to Asheville and trusting in God's provision. Throughout his journey, Christian emphasizes the power of leaning into God and living by faith.

In this conversation, Christian Cornish shares his experience of uncertainty and surrender in the face of job loss and financial challenges. He discusses the importance of finding community and relying on God's provision. Christian also talks about the roller coaster of emotions that come with being a provider and the impact it has on faith. He emphasizes the practice of Sabbath and how it has helped him navigate difficult times. Christian also discusses the impact of Legacy Roots Co. in helping families learn these rhythms and find rest.


  • The importance of community and uplifting friendships

  • The significance of adoption and the impact of finding biological siblings

  • The role of faith and spiritual disciplines in navigating challenges and uncertainty

  • The power of stories in connecting with others and sharing experiences

  • The importance of trusting in God's provision and leaning into faith during difficult times Finding community and relying on God's provision can help navigate uncertainty and challenges.

  • Being a provider can bring a roller coaster of emotions and challenge one's faith.

  • The practice of Sabbath can provide rest and rejuvenation in the midst of difficult times.

  • Incorporating spiritual practices and leaning into God can help combat doubt and uncertainty.

Reflection Questions

  1. Whether you are living through it now or have walked through uncertainty and surrender. How was god faithful?

  2. What can sabbath look like for you, what are some next steps to implement sabbath into your life rhythm.

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