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Vulnerability and Your Gifts with Deb Knupp | TTP#24

Why is it so hard to recognize and own the gifts God has entrusted to us? For me it is an off again on again battle. How do I continue to use them well to showcase God to others and continue to grow in my own faith?

Today I would love for you to meet Deb Knupp who is a marketplace leader and entrepreneur who shares how her confidence dwindled and relinquished her to give her own business up to others. Unfortunately,insecurity happens to each one of us often. There is no getting around it. However, Deb used that time to draw closer to God to see how he was going to continue to work and use the gifts He entrusted her with for so much more.

Reflection Questions: 1. Has there been a recent setback or failure in your life? If so, how can you draw closer to God and hear His direction?

2. Did you resonate with the idea of being stuck? Who is someone in your life that can help keep you accountable and challenge you?

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