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When God Asks Us to Trust with Farrah Brown | TPP #15

"I was searching for affirmation in the fact I was doing this one thing. Instead of searching for the affirmation of who God knows me to be for all eternity." - Farrah Brown

Farrah Brown has been a friend for years and she is someone you know will always be authentic, trusted, an amazing aerial yoga instructor annnnnd insightful. Grateful for our time together today to hear about how Farrah's parable was seeing limitations in her life, but God was using those as opportunities to trust Him. We talk about affirmation, who you are in God and true identity in Christ. Can't wait for you all to meet my dear friend Farrah.

Reflection Questions:

  1. Find out who you are in God?

  2. What are the limits on your life right now? And how can God permeate those limits?

Connect with Farrah

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