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Where God Desires Us to Be with Nikki Tigg | # 63

Every story matters because God is in everything. Meet a new friend of mine, Nikki Tigg who loves Jesus and sharing hope with women and teens. She is a Speaker, Blogger, Pro-Life Advocate, & Host of the Constant Surrender Podcast. Nikki shares with us a simple story with a big takeaways for each one of our lives. She provides some deep wisdom on how we can easily manufacture situations and try to take the lead on things. Plus, encountering others who have good intentions but can cause us to go in the wrong direction.

Almost right, is still wrong. - Nikki Tigg

Nikki shares how she grew in her faith to not move in her life till God says go. That mindset can be difficult when we just don't want to listen. However, she has grown to hear His voice so she can continue to be led. I hope you enjoy this conversation with Nikki Tigg.

Reflection Questions

  1. What is something in your life that feels almost right but it is still wrong. Take time to journal through that.

  2. God works in the in between of our life, how can you give God the glory right now in the midst of the in between?

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