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Why Did You Make Me Broken with Beka Joy Hull #50

Beka Joy Hull is a writer, speaker, and consultant from Dallas, TX. She is passionate about using her voice to talk about the goodness of God, as well as helping organizations to thrive. But for a period of Beka's life, she didn't realize she was living in a perpetual state of anxiety, stress, and trauma.

She shares openly what mental health has looked like for her and how she broke free from the shame, stigma, and inner thoughts that it was her fault. Only by God's goodness was she able to have his peace rest on her life and witness the amazing tribe of people who hold her up in the most difficult moments.

Conflict breeds intimacy. - Beka Joy Hull

Beka shares that there were so many moments where she didn't believe God was real, that the disciples were dumb and it left her with a hidden struggle of what she should even believe.

Spending eight years in perpetual struggle left Beka with the evidence that even in the conflict in her relationship with God showcased the depth and richness of God's love and goodness. In her brokenness, he has always used that to showcase His faithfulness.

Reflection Questions

  1. What is that conflict that you are feeling right now in your life? How is God using that to build intimacy?

  2. Cheering people on is free, so let's take Beka's words into our spaces this week and cheer on those we love, it makes a huge difference.

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