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Why Do I Need Wisdom with Dr. Hannah Stolze | TPP #30

Dr. Hannah Stolze is the Executive Director of the Center for Faith & Innovation at Wheaton College and Director of the Lipscomb University Center for Supply Chain Management. She was a former soldier in the U.S. Army, and served as a cultural analyst, operations specialist and journalist in psychological operations, ordnance, and public affairs.

Hannah gave us a deep theological understanding of Matthew 25 and what His kingdom actually looks like. Throughout our conversation, she contrasted Matthew 25 and Proverbs 31and helped us better understand supply chains and where there is a lack of justice and inequity in our world. How are we to be wise with the resources God has entrusted us with.

Jesus cares about what we do with our resources.

Grateful to have Hannah also share about when she found herself as one of the least of these, pregnant and single in her twenties. God was with Hannah, He was faithful to her and allowed her to continue to use her gifts.

Reflection Questions: 1. What is one area you are currently seeking wisdom in? How are you going to bring that to God and those you trust this week for help?

2. With the Context of Proverbs 31 from Hannah, go ahead and re-read Matthew 25 and/or Proverbs 31. Discover what stands out to you now, what is God trying to teach you this week?


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