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Why Should I Risk It with Ali Gentry | TPP # 29

Taking risks in our life can be either incredibly scary or exhilarating. Risk causes us to move out of the comfortability of our life and step into the unknown. Today we are joined by Ali Gentry who shares about the risk presented to her and she had a resounding "NO." Yet, God kept prompting her to start something in her community of Phoenix, AZ.

Risk in essence is taking the chance of loss and danger ...Risk is the possibility of going on an adventure that you could have never gone on otherwise.

One of the most beautiful things Ali shared was her vision for Arise. God showed her a picture of going into battle all the while linking arms with strong women on either side of her. Her journey of faith was so encouraging to hear about how God was always with her even through the hardest parts of her life.

I hope you enjoy and connect with Ali's story of risk and what God did in her own parable story.

Reflection Questions: 1. While walking in the spirit of wisdom, how can you take a risk (big or small) this week?

2. Activity - Take some time to listen to worship music, draw, go for a walk and take the time to truly listen to what God is wanting to share with you about taking risk in your own life.


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