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Why We Need Others in Our Lives with Danielle Zapchenk #101

Today I am sharing one of my messages for our Summer Sermon Series and there will be a few sprinkled over the course of the summer with a couple from the archives that as well. Thanks for switching gears a bit to allow us at The Parable Podcast a little space to enjoy playing games with our kids, sipping iced coffees and relaxing on our back porch. This message was a previous message I shared at our home church of West Ridge. I hope you enjoy this message today and it encourages you wherever you are.

Message Notes

Author Brené Brown says, "People are hardwired for connection."

We can give the gift of listening

Ways we can be a better listener to others:

1. Pick the right time to talk

2. Ditch distractions

3. Listen with ears to hear and a heart of compassion.

4. Speak truth into their life

When Jesus saw Mary’s profound grief and the moaning and weeping of her companions, He was deeply moved by their pain in His spirit and was intensely troubled. As they walked, Jesus wept; and everyone noticed how much Jesus must have loved Lazarus. John 11:33-36

Sympathy is when someone is going through something and you comfort or support them.

Empathy is more than just acknowledgment, it is when we can put ourselves in someone else’s shoes or we have experienced a similar situation.

We need to empathize according to their needs, not what you think they need.” Danielle Coke | @ohhappydani

"I Can't Carry It For You, But I Can Carry You!" – Sam Gamgee , Lord of the Rings, Return of the King

Ways to be more empathetic:

1. Proximity

2. Asking 1 more question “tell me more.”

3. Share emotion

Then Jesus, who was intensely troubled by all of this, approached the tomb—a small cave covered by a massive stone. Remember, I told you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God. They removed the stone, and Jesus lifted His eyes toward heaven. Father, I am grateful that You have heard Me. I know that You are always listening, but I proclaim it loudly so that everyone here will believe You have sent Me. After these words, He called out in a thunderous voice. Lazarus, come out! Then, the man who was dead walked out of his tomb bound from head to toe in a burial shroud. John 11:38-44

Reflection Questions 1. When was a time you needed others in your life and journal about that time.

2. Who can you give life to this week?

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