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Will I Get Out of This Abyss with Rachel Varghese # 54

Being in the middle of your parable story can be a tricky spot. We wonder if He is listening, are we missing something, or impatience arises. For me, it is all the above. Parables are meant to be not so blatant, there is a process of figuring things out on our own. I have the honor of being on our teaching team at the West Ridge Community Church in Elgin, and as a part of their parable series, I was asked to incorporate The Parable Podcast into a Sunday morning. Always grateful for the leadership there, to allow me to use my gifts and bring some new parable stories to our stage.

For all episodes, it is just us recording our episodes. However, Rachel Varghese was not only willing to share one of her stories but also be in front of a live audience. Rachel shares openly about post-partum depression, medical issues, and acknowledges God is there even in the abyss.

Will He Heal? Will He bring Peace? - Rachel Varghese

Sometimes we are just figuring out our story and how that plays into what God is doing. It can be murky, unknown, and confusing, but Rachel encourages us to keep going and remind ourselves that He is good through it all.

Reflection Questions

  1. Is your heart struggling to believe that God is good even when you are struggling through a difficult season? I encourage you to write out your emotions to God and talk to Him about them.

  2. List the ways God has been faithful to you in the past. This will help us not to forget his Goodness.

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