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Will You Take the Cup? with Ashlee Eiland #141

Do you feel like you need to ask for permission for your future? Joining me is Ashlee Eiland is a thought leader, writer, and Bible teacher who exists to join in God's redemptive work here on earth. Her work has one purpose: to help humanity build bridges back to the truth of who God is and between one another in whole and healing relationships. I know you are going to love the parable about her choice to take the cup God had before her.

Ashley Eiland shares her journey of stepping into the unknown and following God's call. She talks about the fear and uncertainty that comes with making big decisions and the importance of seeking affirmation and permission from God. Ashley also discusses her new book, 'Say Good,' which is about discerning when and how to use our voices in hot topics, complex relationships, and tense situations. She encourages readers to have confidence in their voices and to trust that God is with them in every decision they make. Ashley reflects on the first time she realized the power of her voice and shares her hope for the reader to find hope, peace, and confidence in using their own.


  • Fear and uncertainty are common when making big decisions, but seeking affirmation and permission from God can provide guidance and peace.

  • Discernment is an ongoing journey, and it requires patience, silence, and waiting for God's direction.

  • Our voices have power, and it is important to steward them well, especially in navigating hot topics, complex relationships, and tense situations.

  • Affirmation from loved ones can give us the confidence to step into the unknown.

  • Clearing the way for others to step into their calling is a powerful act of support and encouragement.


  • "The act of beholding for me has become really restful."

  • "I want to live my life in a way that clears the way for other people to step fully into the things God is calling them to do."

Reflection Questions

  1. Read through John 2 and spend some time pondering what is the cup that God wants you to take up for yourself.

  2. Have you felt trapped in fear, because you didn’t get permission?  Prayerfully consider what the next steps are on your plate and have confidence that your Father is with you through whatever one you take.

Connect with Ashlee Eiland

CLICK HERE to order Say Good: Speaking across Hot Topics, Complex Relationships, and Tense Situations

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