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Wrapped in the Arms of God with Sheena Marquis | TPP #42

Through a series of events in her young life Sheena Marquis and her family found themselves in a shelter of the Salvation Army. There Sheena discovered how even in the difficult, challenging times of life God is ready and willing to wrap His loving arms around her. He met her in her shame, worry and was able to witness His presence in her life.

Sheena and her husband have been itinerant ministers for some time and she recently stepped back into the workplace as a social worker at a hospital. We also chatted about how life's transitions of jobs, family, situations can bring up a lot of fear and uncertainty. However, all of life is ministry and Sheena's gifts are not going to waste.

I invite you to listen to Sheena's story and see for yourself where pieces of it connect to your own parable story. How is God wrapping his arms around you lately?

Reflection Questions

  1. What is one of your Ebenezer moments in your life? An Ebeneezer, is a stone of remembrance and it is referenced in the Bible in 1 Samuel 7:12 We can remember those moments where God has provided hope, encouragement and grace. If you wanted to read more on this check out this article from Bible Study Tools.

  2. How can you offer all that you are this week as an act of worship?

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