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Your Life Starts Now with Chanel Dokun #51

Chanel Dokun is an Author, Life Planner, and founder of Women of Consequence. Through speaking and coaching, she helps women get clarity on their life purpose so they can unlock their potential and build a life they love. Her first book, Life Starts Now: How to Create the Life You’ve Been Waiting For is now available. We had to chance to sit down and talk about the women that have shaped her life, one of her parable stories and what Chanel hopes each reader takes away from this new book.

What if you had permission to stop striving and start thriving?

One point that Chanel brought up was that sometimes women feel like they are missing out on their own lives. To have the opportunity to step into a calling greater than your career. Have you ever felt like that? I know I have. Chanel shared about figuring out your own language to describe yourself and clarity to decide what you want so you can get unstuck and start creating the life you've been waiting to live.

She encouraged us to take time to notice how God is moving through us. Those moments help us figure out our purpose and if there is an opportunity to pivot to what is next for you. I loved this conversation and one I will go back to and hear Chanel's wisdom again. Remember your parable showcases discovering the purpose God has called you to.

Reflection Questions

  1. Sit down and take a moment to write out the language that is surrounding your life.

  2. Is there an area of your life that you feel like it is time for a pivot and take a first step in that direction?

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