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A Reckoning Restored with Sara Jessa #139

Are you trying to navigate life after immense pain? Joining me is Sara Jessa who shares about the reckoning that shook the truth of everything she knew. She shares how she let go of her work and embraced her role as a wife and mother. Through this process, Sarah found healing and redemption for her family. In this conversation, Sara shares her journey of transitioning from a working mom to homeschooling her children and embracing a new identity. She discusses the importance of living differently as Christians and not conforming to societal patterns. Sara also highlights the power of opening doors to others and being available to love the unlovable. She offers encouragement to those facing challenges and emphasizes the love and guidance of God. Sara concludes by sharing how this good God continues to use her in ministry and service every day.


  • Passion for people and healing can lead to a fulfilling and purposeful life.

  • Challenges in parenting can be opportunities for growth and learning.

  • Transitioning to faith can bring about a deeper understanding of oneself and a desire to help others.

  • Letting go of work and embracing new roles can lead to healing and redemption. Transitioning to homeschooling can lead to unexpected blessings and opportunities.

  • God's redemption can transform our identity and lead us to live differently.

  • As Christians, we are called to not conform to societal patterns and instead embrace a life of joy and abundance.

  • Opening our doors and being available to love others can have a profound impact.

  • In times of pain and uncertainty, God sees us, loves us, and wants to be with us.

  • God's love and guidance can lead us to unexpected opportunities for ministry and service.

Reflection Questions

  1. Journal about what is holding your identity these days - your work, your ministry, your family?

  2. Is there a conversation you need to have with God so you can redefine what your identity is in him.

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