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Epiphany Breakthroughs with Eric J. Parks #104

Today's episode is packed with such nuggets of wisdom. You are going to love my conversation with the Lead Pastor of Forest City Church, Eric J. Parks share about one of his hidden treasure epiphanies. Eric would consider himself a futurist, one who enjoys looking ahead at the possibility of what is to come. He shares about the last three years of building a church where everyone is welcome to the table and can sit and rest in their own innate gifts. Plus, we dive into doing the work to become a whole person and what it is like to thrive in relationships when we have to say we are sorry. Grateful that you are here and remember Your parable showcases how He has given you so much hidden treasure.

If you are a human, if you are a leader, your going to mess some stuff up. You just will. It's unavoidable.

Conversation Points

  • Breakdown is breakthrough

  • Stop comparing your pain to others

  • What is really going on inside?

  • Mis-invested and misplaced hearts

  • Looking at leadership as a whole

  • Why it is important to look internal

Reflection Questions: 1. What is something you have been working through lately? Take a moment to think about it with a futuristic mindset.

2. Spend some time in prayer today to ask the Holy Spirit to uncover what hidden treasure He wants to reveal in you.

Connect with Eric Instagram | email | Forest City Church Hear some of Eric's Friends share their stories:

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