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He Knows Me and He Loves Me with Travis Smith #137

Do you feel like parts of you are weighing you down? Joining me is the Resident Director for Men at Olivet Nazarene University and a board member of the By the Hand Club, Travis Smith. He discusses how he needed to let go of the weight of the past and embrace how he is loved.

Travis discusses the insecurities faced by the students on campus and the importance of addressing them.

Through his parable story, he emphasizes the significance of God's love in all areas of life, including spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, and relational well-being. Travis shares his journey of transformation and healing through his experiences with By the Hand Club and his relationship with God. He emphasizes the importance of depending on Jesus in every aspect of life and recognizing and healing from past wounds. Finally, he encourages listeners to trust in God's love and direction, allowing Him to fill their lives and overflow with His joy and truth.


  • Depend on Jesus in every aspect of your life, allowing Him to love and care for you.

  • Recognize and heal from past wounds, acknowledging the areas in your life that need healing.

  • Trust in God's love and direction, leaning on Him and not relying on your own understanding.

  • Allow God to fill your life and overflow with His joy, truth, and abundant life.

Reflection Questions

  1. Do you have anything weighing you down?  Something you didn’t even realize was there. 

  2. Sit for a moment and feel the gravity of this statement as you say it for yourself, "God knows AND He loves me."  Feel free to repeat, create a breath prayer so you can move out of that generic love and into the real thing for yourself.

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