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Saying Goodbye to Burnout with Kayla Cornish #150

Do you feel like you are in a season ready to burnout? Joining me is Co-founder of Legacy Roots Co Kayla Cornish who shares about how a season of burnout left her depleted. Kayla is a devoted wife, mother of 6 littles, writer, speaker, coach and the co-founder of Legacy Roots Co alongside her husband, Christian. She is passionate about equipping Believers to grow deeper roots in Christ, character, and family to be able to withstand life's storms and leave an eternal legacy. 

Legacy Roots Co. supports their students via coaching, in-person workshops, online courses, and digital resources to show them how to practically live out an everyday walk with Jesus, disciple their families, and produce fruit that impacts their local church, communities, businesses, and the world.

Reflection Questions:

  1. Reflect on your last week, how have you been struggling with decision fatigue, being a yes person, or pressure to show your worth? 

  2. We want our hearts to be the good soil to have god grow deeper into our lives. In order to do that we have to deal with the hard things underneath, what is that for you?

Connect with Kayla:


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