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Hope Within Community with Greg & Cathy Bufkin #79

Well I have had the joy of getting to know Greg & Cathy Bufkin over this past year. They have a heart for people walking through child loss and how to encourage them. Greg and Cathy have been married for 46 years and they have seen the joys and hardships of so many things in their life. Yet together and with community in their life they have had a safe place to land to continue the conversation. Even so to begin their own ministry to passion is to bring awareness to our communities, churches, and workplaces of the devastating impact the death of a child has on the survivors. It is their desire to help prepare and equip others for compassionate and effective ministry to these survivors.

It's okay to not be okay for awhile, but it is not okay to stay not okay. - Greg Bufkin

In 2015 they received the phone call that every parent fears, that would forever change their lives, as they learned that their beautiful 26-year-old married son, Ryan, had taken his own life. They share some of their journey from blindsiding trauma and pain through a seven year period of healing and restoration by GOD. Plus, what does it look like to walk through grief and healing from their perspective. You are not going to want to miss this conversation.

Reflection Questions

  1. Write of list of people in your life who are your go-to's for a 3 am morning call. Decide if this list works for this season of your life? Is there someone that needs to be added or removed? Our community matters and we need to invest in it.

  2. How are you doing really? It is okay be there, but not stay in that feeling forever. Is it time to talk to a safe friend or find a counselor/therapist.

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