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I Didn't Have a Voice with Julane Fisher #58

I had the pleasure of getting to know Julane Fisher and her story this past Spring. She is an author, speaker, wife, and mom to twin boys in North Georgia. From a young age, Julane loved performing in her living room, singing her heart out. However, her dreams were set aside when she lost her voice and it never was the same again.

It's okay to question...but don't lose sight of what God may be doing on the side. - Julane Fisher

Despite the loss of her voice, Julane overcame and didn't give up. Through much encouragement, she found her voice as an author and started sharing hope and inspiration at local schools. It is remarkable to think of all the children she has spoken life to, read her books, and talked with her over the last few years. Her voice mattered and God used it in a way Julane could have never imagined. I hope this conversation sparks your passion and you can witness how one person's pain was transformed into purpose.

Reflection Questions

  1. Have you prayed out loud lately? Take a moment to pray out loud today.

  2. Is there a passion stirring inside of you? Journal about what God has put on your heart, what has excited you, and what are looking forward to investing more time into.

Connect with Julane Website | Instagram | FaceBook | YouTube Julane also has a IG podcast called, "2Wrds Podcast: Inspiring stories that encourage" you can check out our conversation here.

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