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A Choice to Rise Up with Saunie Lee Finch #56

For a time Saunie Lee Finch felt broken and wanted to hide the shame of divorce. The stigma of divorce just makes you feel like you have failed. However, Saunie kept calling out to God as she raised her teens as a single mom. She overcame the depression she was battling and allowed God to fill her up with the joy she was desperate for.

It was hard for her to start over, to keep climbing up the stairs again. But she just felt like she had to keep calling out his name and praying to make it through the quicksand. God's faithfulness has continued and Saunie shares about the importance to encourage yourself with the truth of God daily.

I never lost my hope in Christ. - Saunie Lee Finch

I have the honor of being on our teaching team at the West Ridge Community Church in Elgin, and as a part of their parable series, I was asked to incorporate The Parable Podcast into a Sunday morning. Always grateful for the leadership there, to allow me to use my gifts and bring some new parable stories to share with others. I hope you enjoy this conversation with Saunie Lee Finch.

Reflection Questions

  1. What is one daily practice that you can start now that you can incorporate into your life? Specifically to prepare you for those hard seasons.

  2. How can you talk to God right now? Call out to him for guidance, protection, healing in this season of your life.

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