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An Invitation to the Misfits with Kristin Mockler Young #131

Have you ever been labeled as a misfit? Joining me today is Kristin Mockler Young, teaching pastor at Mosaic Church and podcast host from Charlotte, North Carolina. She shares about how Jesus asks us to invite others to the table who may not be asked.

Kristin shares her journey from being a kindergarten teacher to becoming a pastor and the challenges she faced in accepting God's call. In this conversation, Danielle and Kristen discuss the challenges of adult friendships, particularly in the context of ministry. They explore the loss of friendships and the importance of having a small group of close friends. Plus, she emphasizes the importance of inviting misfits and creating inclusive communities. They also share about the need for authenticity and embracing the unknown. Kristen shares her perspective on finding purpose in relationships and living in our God-given purpose.


  • The Enneagram can be a powerful tool for self-awareness and understanding God's love.

  • Creating inclusive communities requires intentional action and a willingness to invite misfits.

  • Building safe spaces for open dialogue allows for diverse perspectives and fosters belonging.

  • Encourage and empower younger versions of yourself by reminding them of their value and purpose. Adult friendships can be challenging, especially when dealing with past baggage or trying to be better.

  • Ministry can impact friendships

  • Having a small group of close friends can provide support and a safe space to be oneself.

  • Authenticity and vulnerability are essential in friendships.

  • Embracing the unknown and trusting in God's plan can bring peace and purpose.

  • Finding purpose in relationships involves using our gifts to love and serve others.

  • Living in our purpose means embracing who we were created to be and not stifling our gifts.

Reflection Questions

  1. Who is someone in your life who could fall into that misfit category that God is prompting you to connect and invite to the table?

  2. Whatever the season you are in take a moment to embrace the unknown and trust in God's plan. Pray that you can fully see the ways he offers peace and purpose.

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