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Your Story Has Power with Lindsay Boughton & Kelly Olson #140

Do you believe your own story has redemptive power? So thrilled to collaborate with one of my favorite organizations The Baton Pass, which empowers women to overcome, joining me is my dear friend Founder of the Baton Pass Kelly Olson, and my newest friend Strategic Advisor Member for the Baton Pass Lindsay Boughton.  Together they share their own stories about surviving trauma and passing on the hope to other women in their lives. ** Trigger warning - There is a mention of sexual assault, if that is triggering for you or if you have little ears around the timestamp is 11:37. I know you are going to be so blessed by what they are going to share.

They both share moments from their events where women have experienced breakthroughs and healing through the act of sharing their stories. Kelly shares her personal journey of healing from trauma and how it led her to start the Baton Pass. Lindsay also shares her own story of healing and where God reconnected her to her past in 2023. Our conversation highlights the transformative power of storytelling and the ripple effect it can have on others.

Some of my Favorite Quotes from this episode:

  • "If you free the women, you free the mamas, then their families are going to get freed."

  • "If God can heal me, he can heal you too."

  • "What the enemy meant for evil, God has turned around and used it for good and the saving of many lives."


  • Stories have purpose and meaning, and sharing them can lead to breakthroughs and healing.

  • The Baton Pass is a ministry that aims to pass on hope and healing through the sharing of personal stories.

  • Trauma can be transformed into a source of strength and redemption.

Reflection Questions 1. Reflect on who has been that person who went first for you? And if you are still in connection with them reach out and share that with them.

2. Is it time to come out of hiding with one of your stories?

Power of Your Story Workshop

Join the Baton Pass for a one-day workshop designed to ignite your voice and strengthen your message. Hear from two knowledgeable coaches and spend time transforming your story into a powerful message that will encourage and empower others. You will also have the opportunity to practice sharing your story.If you are ready and willing to find the power in your story, don’t wait! We would love for you to join us on the journey.

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