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The Internal Struggle of Loss with Greg Bufkin #142

Ever feel like you compared your grief to another? Me too you are not alone in that.  Today we are going to have the first of a 2 part honest conversation with my friend Greg Bufkin. You may remember him and his wife Cathy from episode #79.  We don’t all have the same types of loss but we are definitely going to experience some during our life. **As a trigger warning we briefly reference suicide and molestation so if you are in a place with little ears or just working through this right now, please feel free to move on to another episode.  And there is no guidebook to how you deal with loss or grief and so I hope today’s conversation gives you a perspective to help you know that that part of your story affects what goes on in your heart, mind, and soul.


  • Loss and grief come in different forms, and it is important not to compare one's own grief to others.

  • Faith can provide comfort and strength in the face of loss, but it does not make the grieving process easy.

  • Guilt and self-blame are common emotions in grief, but it is important to remember that no one is to blame for the loss.

  • Forgiveness is a choice and a process that can help in healing and moving forward. Forgiveness is a difficult process, but it is necessary for healing and freedom.

  • Choosing to forgive is a daily decision that brings emotional freedom.

  • Grief is experienced in waves, with both expected and unexpected triggers.

  • Finding joy and peace in the midst of grief is possible through a relationship with Jesus.

Reflection Questions

  1. Grief is a deeply personal experience. How do you deal with any guilt like you didn’t do enough or could have done something without it overcoming you?

  2. Forgiveness is often a complex aspect of grief. Have there been moments when your faith has influenced your ability to forgive, either yourself or others, in the aftermath?

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