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Discovering Our Prodigal Story with Michelle White #127

Do you ever feel like you are the prodigal in life? Joining me today is Michelle White who shares about her journey as a single mom with four kids and her work in missions and local organizations. She shared about the importance of authenticity in friendships and the need for vulnerability and weakness. Michelle reflects on her own experiences as a prodigal daughter and how God rescued her multiple times in her life. She discusses the challenges and blessings of being a single mom and offers insights on how the Church can support and empower single moms. Michelle also highlights the power of prayer and the global perspective of God's work that she has witnessed.


  • Authenticity and vulnerability are essential in building meaningful friendships.

  • God's love and grace can rescue and transform even the most broken and undeserving individuals.

  • The church should create a safe and inclusive environment for single moms, offering support and friendship.

  • Prayer is a powerful tool that connects us to God's provision and guidance.

  • Having a global perspective helps us see God's work beyond our own circumstances.

Reflection Questions

1. Read through the parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11–32), which character are you most connecting with today, the prodigal, the older brother, or the father?

2. God's love and grace can rescue and transform even the most broken and undeserving individuals. Pray or journal through how God’s grace has impacted you recently.

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