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God, Are You Faithful with Danielle Zapchenk

Have you ever had anyone ask you what is God doing in your life and your mind just goes blank? I know God is doing things, amazing things, little things in my life. However, in our human brain (well, at least my 39 yo brain) I just forget. I wish that wasn't the case, but I am doing my best to keep remembering. To keep things in the forefront so I can say, "YES, God is doing something amazing in my life." I think when we do that we discover even more and help others get perspective on what He is doing in their life.

Grateful for you listening to my thoughts not only this week, but listening to all the parable stories over the last year. Podcasting has been a surprising and unexpected blessing in my life. I truly hope that whatever your Thanksgiving Holiday looks like you know that He is with you. He sees those who don't have family in their life.

He sees those who feel alone at the holiday table. He sees those who have received upsetting news.

He sees those who are waiting.

He sees those who are celebrating.

He sees those who are hopeful.

He sees those who feel lost at the moment.

He sees you.

Hold tight to that, remember it when you feel like your mind is blank. I know He is faithful and sometimes we just need others in our lives to tell us that. I will be that for you today.

Thankful that He sees you and He sees me this Thanksgiving.

Reflection Questions

  1. When you are gathered around your table with family or friends this week ask: What is one thing that you are truly thankful? You can say this anytime too, not just at Thanksgiving?

  2. What is something that may be compromised in your life and how can you give that to God?

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