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God is Still With Me with Theresa Reiff #92

Have you ever wondered if you could forgive someone that has caused you pain? Join me today as we hear from Author, Theresa Reiff as she shares about the pain from her childhood and how God is still there. One thing that Theresa said was knowing whether we have actually forgiven. We have all had to answer that at some point in our life. Did we really forgive? It is a challenge, because forgiveness is a process. Jesus is a part of the whole thing and we get to witness that.

It isn't just like, help me Jesus in the moment to fix it all. Yes, He will. But we have to participate in that fixing...There is not just a magical potion or waving of the wand like we would like to think. - Theresa Reiff

Our Conversation Points:

  • Faith in God

  • Church Hurt

  • Tools to talk through childhood trauma

  • Why be a part of a church community?

  • The feeling of being a broken person

  • Paying attention to our emotions.

Theresa reminds us God is within our stories and is always there with you every step of the way. I hope you are so blessed by this conversation with Theresa Reiff.

Reflection Questions:

  1. Sometimes we only see the mundane-ness of our life. How can we look at the last few weeks and see how God showed up. Can find some moments where you can say, "But God..." and thank Him for being there every step of the way.

  2. How has God started to bring back some memories or repressed feelings that are coming through and who is someone safe you can work through these with?

Connect with Theresa

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