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He's Doing a New Thing with Brooke Talley #49

In October of 2017, Brooke unexpectedly and unwillingly stepped into life as a young widow and single mom. Her life was never the same but, Brooke shares with us that God gets the victory every time when we are in the middle of our brokenness. God transforms the broken things.

What he wants to do is make us more whole and complete. Brooke shares how stepping out and taking a chance on going to seminary completely gave her so much comfort for her broken heart.

Radical Obedience yields radical faith. - Brooke Talley

She also shares how certain life events can cause us to hold a grudge or blame God for what has happened to us. When in reality we have to understand not everything is authored by Him and that pushes us into a place of radical obedience as we walk through this life.

Thankful for Brooke's story, reminding me that there are so many widows and single moms a part of our community and churches. How can we continue to love and support them and help them feel seen.

Reflection Questions

  1. Some of the things in our life may not be authored by our Father Are you holding on to a grudge or choosing to blame God for things that were never authored by Him?

  2. Read the 23 Psalm and what takeaways is God revealing to you today?

Connect with Brooke

Show Markers for discussion of suicide | 4:15 - 4:47, 18:45 -19:00


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