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Is it Okay to Pray for Myself with Ashlei Brathwaite #76

Have you spent your time praying for everyone else, but not yourself? Is it hard because you think it is selfish or do you simply forget to pray? Don't worry you are not alone in that. I do that all the time! My next guest, Ashlei Brathwaite shares with us that she felt that way too, and how God has been doing work in her own personal life.

"Seeing the evolution of where I started at the beginning of the year with work and that mindset. And now being in a job that is insisting that I prioritize balance, insisting that I give myself rest, and has combined my faith and my passion for working with kids. Every day it's just... this is your life." - Ashlei Brathwaite

Ashlei helps us understand that our own parable story can be one we invite God to be a part of. One where we can share our dreams and goals in prayer. What would your life look like if you continually depended on Him daily in your home life, work, rest, friendships, etc... God worked in Ashlei's heart and soul this past year to cultivate something new because He wants to walk alongside us in every prayer and ever decision. I hope you enjoy this conversation with Ashlei.

Reflection Questions

  1. What desires do you need to write down right now?

  2. Is it time for you to set boundaries with one or more relationships in your life? Reflect and see if you or they have set expectations that you didn't realize were there.

Connect with Ashlei

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