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Letting it All Go with Kristi Bramlett #93

Have you ever had a conversation where someone said, "I see this in you."? Sometimes it comes out of nowhere or you are kinda shocked because certain qualities you see in yourself are just everyday. Meet Kristi Bramlett who is a certified movement coach and professor at Columbia College who helps communicators have a greater impact the world. Kristi shares what it looks like to let go in her parable story.

"It's time for me to let this other thing go. An I think it is Erwin McManus who said, 'spiritual maturity is the length of time from hearing from God and then doing what he says.' And I am not spiritually mature." - Kristi Bramlett

Episode Talking Points

  • our responsibility vs God's responsibility

  • Letting it All Go (Yes, with a reference to Elsa)

  • Deciphering and Discerning God's voice

  • God orchestrates everything

  • I feel like a horrible human

  • How to release what has been said to them

  • Discovering who God created you innately

Plus, it is so amazing to hear about our mind body connection from Kristi's perspective. God is so good by being in the details of everything we do. Grateful for Kristi to share what it looks like to walk in a new direction for her life. I hope you enjoy this episode of The Parable Podcast.

Reflection Questions

1. How Have you been listening to the people God has specifically placed in your life that see something in you. If you don’t have anyone like that, pray about God showing you those connections.

2. It is easy to emulate others because we love, admire or desire to be like them. However, God is asking us to be our authentic self in Him - no one else. How can you not hold on that back this week?

Connect with Kristi

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