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Out of the Dark with Lana Jano and Loraine Garcia-Godfrey #62

Have you ever felt like you have been hidden in the dark and you are searching for a way to come out into the light? I am sure all of us have had moments like this. Ones that have shaped us and allowed us to forge ahead. Today we are in the final installment of our collaboration with the Baton Pass called Unleashing Your Story.

We sat down with co-founders Lana and Loraine of Out of the Dark as they seek to help women heal from abuse and become who they were created to be. They share a little bit of their journey of how they desire to provide justice, healing, and hope to women suffering from abuse. Plus, they discuss how this partnership and organization came to be. Because they unleashed their stories, they have the privilege of walking alongside other women who are facing similar parable stories. Throughout this experience together, they have seen how much God has worked within themselves as well.

"God, why did you let all this stuff happen to me? And God said to my heart, 'You don't know how much I kept from happening to you.' And that changed my life. - Lana Jano

The Baton Pass does an amazing job of creating a safe space to hear, be encouraged and walk away renewed. We will all be at their upcoming Chicagoland event, join us at There’s More to the Story, there are a few tickets left. Or if you are in the Phoenix Valley, join Angela and Kelly at this next event, Game Changer to hear how God flips the script.

Reflection Questions

  1. Is there someone you know that can help you better unpack your story with? What would be your next step in doing that?

  2. What is something that needs to come out of the dark? Possibly, experience, emotion, trauma, etc... How can you release that and move forward into the life God desires for you?

Connect with Out of the Dark | Lana and Loraine Website | FaceBook

Upcoming Baton Pass Events

Game Changer Event on November 13, 2022 in Chandler, AZ

There's More to the Story on November 6, 2022 in Barrington, IL Just a few seats left! Grab yours today.

Connect with the Baton Pass

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