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Parable of the Broken Dishwasher with Danielle Zapchenk #100

Well, here we are at the 100th EPISODE of The Parable Podcast! GAAHHH! Whether this is your first, tenth, or one-hundredth episode, thank you for being a listener of The Parable Podcast. The fact that your ears have heard these parable stories and you have seen God in your own, is remarkable. If you are like me, you have probably asked the question, "God, why did this happen in this way? And how are You going to use it?" Whether big or small I think we can all use our stories to grow and mold our faith every day if we are willing participants. How can we be more open to the moments we have each day and the lessons inside of them? Granted sometimes a broken dishwasher is just a broken dishwasher. However, as we look back on our time and reflection with God and the Holy Spirit, they allow us clarity and hope for what is to come. As always, God is so good that he allows us to be a part of His story. And that is a big AMEN. Reflection Questions 1. What is one of your parable stories for you in this last season that you can uncover? Try your hand at journaling about something that is out of the box like falling over a dishwasher.

2. After you take some time to reflect, can you utilize anything you learned and apply it to your life?

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