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Realizing Your Heart Matters with Maggie Greenway | TPP #12

It is funny how God knows exactly who you are going to talk to, even though you haven't met in person. I saw Maggie's art on Instagram and here we are chatting about her Parable story. Grateful for Maggie to share the reality of what many of us feel like on most days. That we put other people's hearts and emotions over our own. Listen to Maggie share the lesson of what God taught her and how that is reflected in her own art and writing.

The other day I shared on this note too. While this season is filled with delicious food and family. Sometimes it feels like we are adding extra helpings to our already full plate. We don't even recognize the lists, errands, questions, feelings of others, unsaid prayers hanging around our hearts. One rhythm that has been around forever is the season of #advent. It is actually NOT the chocolate countdown calendars...but a preparation of our hearts for Christmas. A moment each day to breathe, rest and remember what we are even celebrating this season.

One resource we talk about on this episode is Maggie's Emmanuel: A Christmas Devotional Journal. She writes about what that word #Emmanuel even means and how Jesus wasn't just a part of the New Testament, but that God had Him a part of the BIG story from the very beginning. Know that this practice is meant for you to draw close to God and start letting those things holding space in your soul to be pushed aside for just a few minutes. That connection with Him will be a grateful reprieve for you and won't feel like another task.

I am going to be working through this journal so if you are too, please connect with myself or even Maggie to share what you have been learning.

Reflection Questions:

  1. Have you found yourself believing the lie, "your heart doesn't matter." If so, what can you take away from Maggie's story about the pearl of your life.

  2. Heading into the flurry of Christmas, what is on way you can slow down and truly sit with our God "Emmanuel."

Connect with Maggie

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